Hello all.

I've been working with PyQt5 for a bit over a year now. I've been wanting to deploy and run my Python-gui on my Raspberry pi Zero W with an SPI TFT LCD screen for some time now and I'm having some trouble with the actual execution of the python script. The Raspbian GUI runs there perfectly, installed using this library. Touchscreen works well too. All good there. But when I execute the python script for my GUI the screen goes white and nothing happens. I can SSH into it so it's not dead or locked somehow. I have though quite a bit of searching deducted it's about framebuffer and Python/PyQt5's default framebuffer.

I've been looking for answers for this. But there's nothing more than people touching on something similar (mirroring the /dev/fb0) which did not work for me for some reason. I have read that you can change this if you compile the PyQt5 library on the pi (or cross compile), but there's no clear instructions on how this is done. And no matter how I define things on the Pi for default framebuffer vs what framebuffer the GUI is being displayed on.

Here's some guides I've read, tried and discarded, for future reference:


Has anyone had a similar issue? Do you have any ideas or advice on how I could tackle this further? It's the last issue I have before being finished with a long-running project and I'd hade to have to order a different screen (I have the same script running super well on a DSI-screen on another Pi...) and restart the 3d modelling.

Thanks in advance for your time.