I am using Qt 5.15 with a resistive touchscreen. I have calibrated the touch screen. I have setup and am running with a PCAP screen and it works great. But the resistive screen is aberrant.

the screen resolution is 1280x800. I can run ts_print and see the touch screen coordinates like this -
1616538715.799406: 1232 701 598
1616538715.927831: 1233 699 0
1616538717.477525: 1240 687 571
1616538717.527943: 1240 685 0

The last number is of course pressure, so this shows two presses and two releases.

Running Qt touchscreen-test - or any Qt code showing mouse movements, I get the following
qml: Released at 1233 ; 697
qml: Pressed at 1231 ; 700
qml: Released at 1167.1851037851038 ; 184.1894993894994
qml: Pressed at 1239 ; 688

Obviously, the second to last line is incorrect. It appears to be fixed point. The data seems to be inverting the Y coordinate around the center of the screen and it is always Y. Never X.

Also, it is usually, but not always, on a press vs release.

Anyone see anything like this? TIA.