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Thread: I'm a beginner in GUI projects with C++

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    Default I'm a beginner in GUI projects with C++

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a Lazarus freePascal learner, and I liked to learn and program visual projects with C++, I'm Linux Mint user, I downloaded "KDevelop" but I couldn't find resources for learning programming by it and it seemed complex to me, I googled more about GUI IDE's for C++ and found QT and searched for it on Software Manager in my Linux Mint and I found this version like what is in the next explaining image:

    My question is how can I start learning visual programming on C++, I want to make some simple projects like "Hello World!" and some small games, I know some C++ alphabet since my using Turbo C++ under DOS? How can I start here, I don't know where is the start point and how can I be guided to learn and understand this new material?

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    Default Re: I'm a beginner in GUI projects with C++

    Your Qt distribution should have come with a huge set of tutorial and example programs for all aspects of the Qt toolkit. These are also in the online documentation.

    Programming with almost any type of GUI toolkit involves changing your way of thinking about programs. GUI programs are not linear; control over what happens in response to mouse clicks, key strokes, and other interactions is usually determined by the GUI framework. Your program consists of small functions that "respond" to events generated by the framework. When your function is finished, it ends and returns control to the GUI framework, which will continue to monitor user inputs and send you additional events as a result.
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