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Thread: Looking For C++ Fast Track Course

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    Default Looking For C++ Fast Track Course

    Hello Everyone, Can anyone know fast track course for C++. I am trying to look at the course in which the duration is less. I have checked a video course on youtube and InterviewBit, So Can anyone tell me this video course is perfect?

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    In my opinion you can't learn any programming language in 4 hours by watching a video. You will basically learn enough to be a bad C++ programmer. The InterviewBit program looks somewhat better.

    You should check out online courses offered through MOOCs, like Coursera. You will get a much more comprehensive coverage of the language which will enable you to become a competent programmer instead of one who only knows enough to make mistakes.
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    Default Re: Looking For C++ Fast Track Course

    Hello there

    I do not know much more about it; but I want to give a recommendation before joining any course on any platform. Go through the course's syllabus as well as the basic to advanced topics, and also be sure about the important topics for the C++ course.

    Good luck with your learning

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