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Thread: Use QAbstractScrollArea viewport's to display an image

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    Default Use QAbstractScrollArea viewport's to display an image

    Hi forum!

    I want to use QAbstractScrollArea to display an image and scroll through its contents. I chose it because I'm making a paint-like application, which must support zoom feature, etc.; therefore, I think the ability to override some of QAbstractScrollArea's methods specifically might be better than to use QScrollArea with QLabel with an image as its widget. But now it seems to me like I would have to use QLabel anyway, and the viewport will give a view of it. So the question is, was it a good choice?

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    Default Re: Use QAbstractScrollArea viewport's to display an image

    I don't think it makes much difference whether you use QAbstractScrollArea or QScrollArea. QScrollArea does not add much to the core functionality of QAbstractScrollArea.

    However, it you are developing a paint-style application, I do not think you want to use a QLabel. QLabel is designed pretty much for non-interactive display of text and images. Since your users will be interacting with the image, you probably want to implement your own QWidget-based class where you have control over what happens in response to mouse, keyboard, paint, and other events.

    If you haven't done so already, be sure to look at Qt's Painting Examples.
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