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Thread: Is it possible to use Qt charts on Qt5.1.0?

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    Default Is it possible to use Qt charts on Qt5.1.0?

    On Qt website, it says that Qt charts can be used with Qt 5.7 or higher Qt version.

    But is there a way to use Qt charts on Qt5.1.0 version?

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    Default Re: Is it possible to use Qt charts on Qt5.1.0?

    The oldest version of Qt I have on my PC is 5.4.0. In that version, Qt Charts was listed as an "Enterprise Add-on", meaning it was available only to people with a commercial Qt license. The next version I have is Qt 5.9.0, and Qt Charts is part of the normal LGPL distribution.

    So I assume that with very 5.7, Qt Charts was moved from a commercial add-on to a general distribution library.

    However, there are probably few differences between 5.1 and 5.7 that would affect Qt Charts, so if you are able to build Qt Charts from source, you should be able to download the 5.7 source code, pull out Qt Charts and build it against the 5.1 headers and libraries.

    However, the easiest thing would be to simply upgrade to Qt 5.7.
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