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Thread: Qt application look changes when i run my package on other OS

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    Default Qt application look changes when i run my package on other OS


    I have created a Qt application on CentOs6 using Qt 4.6.2.
    Then I created the package for my application and tried to run my application on another CentOS6, Which doesn't have Qt installed.
    However, for some reason, the look of my application changes as shown in the following image. Even though all functions of my Application are working okay on both operating systems.

    Any suggestion what might be the reason behind this?


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    Default Re: Qt application look changes when i run my package on other OS

    Any suggestion what might be the reason behind this?
    The two PCs have a different set of styles installed. On your development PC, you probably have the full set of Qt styles installed, one of which is the default style on that OS. Your app loads that style before creating the UI. On the other machine without Qt, it probably has no styles, so it has to use a fallback built-in style when it can't find the one it wants. Find out which style your app is using on the development machine and install that style with your app on the other machine. Read the documentation on deployment to learn how and where to deploy styles with an app.

    Your "original" screenshot looks like it could be "fusion" style.
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