I have a QTreeView control in my program. Everything looks great. The only stylesheet I have applied to it is this:

treeViewStyleSheet = """
QTreeView {
alternate-background-color: #eff0f0;
background: #f7f8f9;
QTreeView::item {
font: 400 14pt "Source Sans Pro";
selection-color: #ffffff;
selection-background-color: #0071c5;

When viewing items, everything looks fine - spacing is good, looks exactly the way I want

Problem is when I double click, the edit box that comes up is squashed (by the padding in the QTreeView::item stylesheet??), and it's so short that the underscores in the text are invisible

How can I make the edit control take up the full row height when a field is being edited without changing anything about how the tree looks when it's not being edited?