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Thread: QComboBox with custom model clears text in its lineEdit

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    Question QComboBox with custom model clears text in its lineEdit

    I encountered very strange issue when implemented QComboBox with custom model (QAbstractListModel subclass). I noticed that sometimes after getting lineEdit's editingFinished signal the combox's currentText() is empty and lineEdit()->isModified() returns false. After investigating this issue I discovered that this somehow connected to custom subclass model I use. If to comment out setModel installed for the QComboBox, this problem is not observed. Moreover, this problem happens only when editing is completed with Enter pressed. If the editsimply loses focus after editing, all work as expected.
    I use Qt v5.9.8. Do you have any suggestion?

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    Default Re: QComboBox with custom model clears text in its lineEdit

    You should probably look at your model's setData() implementation. My guess is that when the user edits the combobox, this method is called. You may not be calling the methods needed (beginWhatever / endWhatever) to signal the combobox to update its contents and set the current index.
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