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Thread: Can't build project on Windows 10

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    Default Can't build project on Windows 10

    I've been working on a minesweeper game using QT Creator in my linux desktop.
    qtcreator 4.13.2 on fedora workstation v33

    I decided to see what the game looks like on Windows so I downloaded QT creator (v 5.15.2) into my Windows 10 virtual machine. I mounted my linux project directory in a shared folder and attempted to build the project. It acts like it's building ok with green progress bars on the lower right but then stops with a red "Build" progress bar. The compile output page shows this:

    19:00:15: Running steps for project KCMines...
    19:00:15: Starting: "C:\Qt\6.1.3\mingw81_64\bin\qmake.exe" Y:\ -spec win32-g++ "CONFIG+=debug" "CONFIG+=qml_debug"
    Cannot read Y:/build-KCMines-Desktop_Qt_6_1_3_MinGW_64_bit-Debug/ No such file or directory
    Error processing project file: Y:\
    19:00:15: The process "C:\Qt\6.1.3\mingw81_64\bin\qmake.exe" exited with code 3.
    Error while building/deploying project KCMines (kit: Desktop Qt 6.1.3 MinGW 64-bit)
    When executing step "qmake"
    19:00:15: Elapsed time: 00:00.

    The share mounted virtual drive is Y:. The directory seems to be mounted correctly and all my files show up; including Y:\ which I'm attempting to build. The path to the build directory is wrong. It should be: Y:\KCMines\build-KCMines-Desktop_Qt_6_1_3_MinGW_64_bit-Debug. The directory got built but qmake is getting the wrong path from somewhere.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Can't build project on Windows 10

    You need to configure the build settings under Projects in Qt Creator so it uses your preferred directories. The names you show above look like the default names it chooses based on the compiler version.
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