I've installed Qt Visual Studio Tools (version in Visual Studio 2019. The installation was good: no errors and I can see the plugin commands.

I want to add a Qt version, so I've added it in the Options->Qt->Versions window:


If I click on Ok, I close the window, but when I reopen it the list is empty again. It cannot save the Qt version. If I add the version and close, and I try to build, Visual Studio tells me that not qt version is installed, confirming the fact that it did not save my configuration.

So my first question is: Where can I find logs for checking the error when trying to add the Qt version? This way I can try to check what's wrong.

My second question is: Where does the plugin save configuration data? If I can access to the file maybe I can fix it, or even add versions manually in order to check if it works.

Thanks for replies.