We are pleased to announce the beta version release of QtitanNavigationDesignUI 3 component. The version contains a new widgets - Qtitan::NavigationEdgeView and Qtitan::NavigationEdgeFrame. Instead of the old NavigationOptions class that was used to customize the color palette, we have now added ColorizedStyle class. It repeats the NavigationOptions interface so you can migrate quickly.Improved a beautiful feature - the mouse over light effect on the buttons (Reveal Effect). The effect has become almost indistinguishable from the original one, which is used in Microsoft libraries. Also the Designer Plugin was refactored to increase its editing capabilities in the design-time.
QtitanNavigationDesignUI 3 supports build for Qt6. This beta version can work with Qt6.0.0 to Q6.0.4. A little later we will add the support for actual version of Qt6.2 and a greater.

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