My Qt app for android is loading very slow after some changes in the resource file apparently, I haven't made any major changes in the code; I have just added some higher resolution photos (~1080p).
The current loading time is 10~15 seconds, which was about 1 sec previously

Environment Details:
resource file size: 11.5MB (after changes)
Qt 5.13.1 (Qt Creator 4.10.0)
SDK Version: 26.1.1
NDK Version: 20.1.5948944
androidBuildToolsVersion=30.0.3 (also tried 28.0.3)
androidCompileSdkVersion=29 (also tried 28 and 30)

Here is the link to the runtime errors & warnings shown in the Compile Output section.

Please guide how can I make the app load faster, and how can I check which part is taking more time to load?