Colleagues, we are pleased to announce that the FastInfoset project is available to our customers. FastInfoset is a streaming implementation of reading and writing XML documents to a binary file. In other words, FastInfoset is a compressed XML. If you use QXmlStreamWriter/QXmlStreamReader in your app then you can add support for FastInfoset easily, just replace these classes to FastInfosetStreamWriter/FastInfosetStreamReader. The programming interface and behaviour of FastInfosetStreamWriter replecates QXmlStreamWriter, FastInfosetStreamReader replecates QXmlStreamReader. So the QXmlStreamWriter writes data to XML as a text, FastinfosetStreamWriter writes data to XML in a binary form. As a result, the size of the final file is noticeably smaller and the speed of data reading is faster. The component is implemented in QtitanFastInfoset.dll library and is provided free of charge as part of any of our products. Therefore, now for DataGrid, Docking, Ribbon UI components, it is possible to save/restore settings in XML as text or as a binary compressed stream as you wish. To demonstrate this ability, we have updated all of our demo examples.

In addition to compressed XML support, we have fixed many bugs. In Docking component, the auto-hide panel's animation mechanism has been refactored, now the animation is smoother and can be configured via API - delay, animation curve. Fixed errors in the DataGrid when working with a filter for tree view. Fixed bugs for styles and customization of the title bar of the main window. Other minor improvements.

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