I've searched in the documentation and a few pages here how to solve my issues, without luck.

First, I have an issue when running any example, it compiles, open a browers and says :
- Qt for WebAssembly: [project]
Application exit (RuntimeError: Aborted('specialHTMLTargets' was not exported. add it to EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS (see the FAQ)))
Did not find what causes this in the FAQ, and even ChatGPT lied to me.

Example, a very simple hello world program :
Qt Code:
  1. #include <QApplication>
  2. #include <QPushButton>
  3. #include <QTranslator>
  5. int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  6. {
  7. QApplication app(argc, argv);
  8. QTranslator translator;
  9. if (!translator.load("hellotr_la"))
  10. return 1;
  12. app.installTranslator(&translator);
  14. QPushButton hello(QPushButton::tr("Hello world!"));
  15. hello.resize(100, 30);
  16. hello.show();
  17. return app.exec();
  18. }
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Second issue is linking libraries such as opencv, it says the .dll built with mingw are "unknown file type"
wasm-ld: error: unknown file type: C:/Dev/opencv/mingw-build/bin/libopencv_calib3d460.dll
Thanks for any help !