I am a big fan of the inbuilt debugger into the QtCreator IDE and I use it frequently to get to the bottom of "embarrassments". However, have now come across an issue that keeps me puzzled. While receiving a stream of data frames over the network and visualizing things on the screen, my application suddenly closes as if someone had hit the close button. There is no segfault, there is no error of any kind, it just closes. So I started running it in debug mode to see if the debugger would point me to a line, but whenever the mysterious closing occurs, the debugger reports "Debugging has finished" as if things have been closed in orderly fashion. I tried placing break points into the destructors of a a few relevant objects, most notably the main window, but it seems as though the debugger never comes across them and I don't get a stack trace. I have nothing left to throw at it other than asking for help. Any ideas?