I have a project that requires a compile time constant to be different for each target device (a security key).

Currently, I change the constant in the .pro file something like this:

DEFINES += KEY=\\"756eca076894f288182951f4e02191e2\\"

The key is specific to each target device.

When I want to deploy to a different device, I use "Manage Kits"->Manage and change the host name (ip address).

Right now I have a set of 10 devices I'm testing (they interact with each oth) and I need to deploy to all of them when I make a code change.

I could create a different project for each device--the project would only different in that one line in the .pro file and the target device's ip.

Is there a better way to do this? Like export a makefile and edit it do 10 builds, with each build deploying to a different device?