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Thread: Translation and QStringList

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    Default Translation and QStringList

    Good evening,

    I am currently trying my hand at a small program with QT and have now encountered the following problem:
    I have created a translation file and specified what I want to translate in the code using "tr("")". In QT Linguist I can also translate these entries successfully.
    Loading the translation also works perfectly.
    However, I have a QStringList to fill a QTableWidget with the header information. There I have also specified the "tr("")", which is also displayed in QLinguist.
    However, no translation is displayed in the window even after recompiling.
    To rule out a direct error, I simply translated a QLabel and set it directly in the code like this: ui.qLabel->setText(tr("Hello"));
    I then "translated" this in QLinguist using lrelease and created the *qm file again and tried it out. This translation is displayed to me.
    I have the following as QStringList:
    Qt Code:
    1. QStringList headerLabels;
    3. headerLabels << tr("Order ID") << tr("Order Number") << tr("Line or machine") << tr("Order priority") << tr("Storage location") << tr("Article name") << tr("Article number") << tr("Article Quantity");
    4. headerLabels << tr("Ordered first name") << tr("Orderer last name") << tr("More information") << tr("Cost unit") << tr("Order date");
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    and set it with
    Qt Code:
    1. ui.QTableWidghet->setHorizontalHeaderLabels(headerLabels);
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    What else could be the reason that the translation is not displayed like this?
    Many thanks for the answers.


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    Default Re: Translation and QStringList

    It is extremely rude to make the same post to multiple forums, and then not follow up to say that your question was answered elsewhere. I wasted many minutes trying to think of a reason why your translation was not working, only to find the link above. Shame on you.
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