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Thread: Convert QString to QDateTime with fromString()

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    Default Re: Convert QString to QDateTime with fromString()

    Hi folks,

    this has to be something very simple but I don't know what I do wrong:

    Qt Code:
    1. QString str = "23/02/2024,00:46:52";
    2. QString format = "dd/mm/yyyy,hh:mm:ss";
    3. QDateTime dt = QDateTime::fromString(str, format);
    4. qDebug() << "dt:" << dt << ",dt.isValid():" << dt.isValid();
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    Output is:
    dt: QDateTime(Invalid) ,dt.isValid(): false
    I tried it on Qt-versions 4.8.7, 5.15.2 and 6.2.4.
    All do the same! Why is that??? I also changed the str and the format a bit but still in will not do the desired...
    Any hints?

    Thx in advance

    Added after 6 minutes:

    OMG, the month formatting was wrong...

    It should be "dd/MM/yyyy,hh:mm:ss"

    I am sorry folks... I said it HAD to be very simple...
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