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Thread: Loading images in html in a QTextBrowser

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    Default Loading images in html in a QTextBrowser

    Hello all. I am trying to load some simple html into a QTextBrowser and display images, but the images do not load unless I specify the full path to them. I am loading the html with the following:

    QTextBrowser *textEdit;
    QFile file(fileName);
    textEdit->setHtml( file.readAll() );

    This came from QT's QTextEdit example but I changed it to use QTextBrowser instead of QTextEdit because I want links in the html.

    The following html correctly displays the image:
    <img src="d:\1.JPG" />

    The following html shows an image icon instead of the correct image:
    <img src="1.JPG" />

    The image file is in the same folder as the html file. Any ideas how to make this work without providing the full path to the image files?


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    Default Re: Loading images in html in a QTextBrowser


    You can use textEdit->setSearchPaths( QStringList() << "D:\"), it specifies one or several
    directories to search content for

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