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Thread: How to get a custom QwtPlotCurve?

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    Default How to get a custom QwtPlotCurve?

    I am using Qwt 5.0.1 and Qt 3.3.5. I want to subclass my own PlotCurve from QwtPlotCurve.
    The derived PlotCurve may looks like a circle with a filled color. I give it left, right, top, bottom and center point data(or only a radius and a center point data) and also a specified filled color. The PlotCurve should be shown as a filled circle based on these data by .

    Could someone tell me the basic method to do it ? Some code examples will be better.

    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards
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    Default Re: How to get a custom QwtPlotCurve?

    Looks like you want to implement something like here:

    Better derive directly from QwtPlotItem, if you don't want to implement a curve.


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