You may have seen in a thread of mine that I've installed QWT library but cannot get the widgets integrated with Visual Studio.Net 2005. So, now I want to create the QwtPlot widget dynamically and place on a form. Is this as simple as doing a new on QwtPlot and setting some attributes of this object? Example :

Qt Code:
  1. QwtPlot* plotWidget = new QwtPlot ( this, "test" );
  2. plotWidget->setAxisTitle( xBottom, "x" );
  3. plotWidget->setAxisTitle( yLeft, "y" );
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I'm taking it I need to link against qwt5.lib also?

I can use designer to create a form with the QwtPlot widget on it, but when I drop this into my application, the form doesn't get shown - if I remove the QwtPlot widget, the form is shown ( seems like it isn't finding the widget, maybe? ).