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Thread: QWT assert failure

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    Default QWT assert failure

    I did a QWT plot (with qwt 5.0.x) that has 3 sliders to scale and scroll the plot by calling "setAxisScale" and "replot()".

    this plot runs into an "assert failure" when moving the sliders.

    The complete error says "ASSERT: y>=0" in file c:\iwake\build_vs2005_commercial______________padd ing______________\src\gui
    \painting\qpaintengine_raster_p.h, line 293

    sometimes the error description is:
    "ASSERT: y>m_height" ...

    Visual Studio Debug Log says:
    QPaintEngine::setSystemRect, should not be changed while engine is active
    QPaintEngine::setSystemClip(), should not be changed while engine is active
    QPixmap:perator=: Cannot assign to pixmap during painting
    QWidget::repaint: recursive repaint detected.

    Any help would be appreciated! I'm using QT 4.1.4


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    Default Re: QWT assert failure

    QWidget::repaint: recursive repaint detected.
    Start the debugger and find out what initiates the recursion.
    If you have no idea, what I'm talking about, please post the stack.


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