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Thread: MousePress Events on ContextMenu items

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    Question MousePress Events on ContextMenu items

    I have a CustomContext menu and have added items to that like this

    QAction* act = menu.addAction("Restore");

    QAction* act2 = menu.addAction("Close");

    I want to implement MousePressEvent for this CustomContextMenu and give the corresponding functionality to their press.....

    like if Close is pressed i want to execute exit() method.....on this click...

    How can I capture these mousePress event on a CustomContextMenu items

    Thanks in Advance

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    Default Re: MousePress Events on ContextMenu items

    It's not how it's done. You should connect their activated() or triggered() signal to a slot which implements the functionality. For example:

    Qt Code:
    1. connect(act2, SIGNAL(triggered()), this, SLOT(close()));
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