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    Hi all,

    I'm facing a very strange problem in qmake-qt4.
    I have the following directory structure for my project:

    |------ interfaces
    | ---------
    |------ plugins
    | --------- plugin1
    | ---------
    | --------- plugin.xml
    |------ app
    | --------- app (executable)

    Each .pro file in interfaces, plugins, and app directories uses the INSTALLS tag to install the libs in /usr/lib/ and the application and plugins in /usr/local/app/.

    The trunk directory contains a .pro file with a subdirs template.

    The strange behaviour is: if I rum qmake in the trunk directory just the xml files are copied when I run 'make install'. In order to get the libraries installed I have to run qmake (and then 'make install') in each subdirectory (interfaces, plugins, etc).

    Is there any reason for this ?


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