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    Here is the official press release for this years Qt Developer Days taking place in Berlin, between the 7th and 9th October.

    „Developer Days“ bring the international programmer scene to Berlin

    This industry leading event to be held on October 7-9, informs about the latest IT-applications for consumers and industry / Special „Starters Edition“ displays the application possibilities for Qt users.

    Berlin, 18th of September 2013; The Skype telephone software, the Spotify music streaming service and the ESA (European Space Agency) simulation software – so different from each other, nevertheless with a combined crutial component: They were all created with the help of the Qt library class, along with thousands of well-known computer and engineering applications. Qt is a world rapidly evolving leader as a cross-platform toolbox for programming graphical user interfaces. The latest applications and its uses will be presented at the „Developer Days“ at Café Moskau and Umspannwerk am Alexanderplatz during the 7th-9th October in Berlin. Over 700 programmers, IT administrators, developers and decision makers from all around the world will participate in the event. A special „Starters Edition“ offers the fascinating insights to Qt world for the newcomers and the not so experienced ones.

    The „Developer Days“ from the 7-9th of October last for three days and are mainly focused on experienced Qt users to introduce them to the latest innovations and applications for platforms, hardware, 3D and design and development. This is why, the „Starters Edition“ is specially focused on new and inexperienced users. The „Starters Edition“ last for two days and is primarly intended for decision makers, developers and company managers that consider Qt applications, but haven‘t found yet the most suitable for them. Special introductions to Qt Quick, widgets, Qt for Android or iOS are also part of the program.

    For more information about the programm and registration, please visit:

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    KDAB extends its offering of Qt training courses. Next to the Qt introduction courses, there are now three different training programs, aimed at non-novice Qt developers who want to deepen and extend their Qt knowledge and skillset:
    • Deepen your Qt Skills: The new in-depth training course is the perfect choice for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Qt. The in-depth course covers aspects of Model/View programming, working with QGraphicsView and using multiple threads in your application. The course will skip over basic knowledge of Qt
    • Pick and Learn: This new course KDAB offers allows you to assemble your Qt training yourself. For this course, a series of possible topics is offered, along with an indication how much time is needed to cover these subjects. The Pick & Learn course is the right choice for those who already have some knowledge of Qt, but need to dive deeper into certain areas, be it for a specific project, or just to shed more light on areas inside Qt you haven't gotten in touch with yet.
    • Qt Update: This course is aimed at all those who feel that they weren't able to keep up with all the new features and techniques that have gone into Qt. The course will provide an overview of changes in Qt 4 since Qt 4.3, including improvements in QGraphicsView, the addition of QWebKit, the new animation framework, and many more.

    As usual, all trainings are held by KDAB's certified Qt trainers, using the official Qt training material.

    More information about the new training courses
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    Hagfors, Sweden/Bangalore, India (Nov 04, 2008) - Klaraelvdalens Datakonsult AB (KDAB) and VCreate Logic (VCL) today released the KD Components Framework (KDCF), the initial commercial version of the award-winning Generic Components Framework (GCF). Packages can now be
    ordered from KDAB's website at www.kdab.com.
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    We're pleased to announce that Trolltech in cooperation with KDAB and Bugless will be hosting a series of webinars on Qt 3 to Qt 4 migration in March.

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